The Man I Made


My  many years of virtual design work are being brought into the Real World in the form of an illustrated book -click here to read more.

On December 20th, 2011   I embarked on a virtual adventure … it is on-going.  I became the virtual man known as Daniel Wolfsong, The Mysterious Mechanic.  I’ve owned coffee shops and bars, garages, DJed, had several businesses, became a philanthropist, engineer, inventor and builder … among my hobbies are surfing, sailing, diving, skiing, bike riding, the arts and culture, exploring, photography and film making – some of which can be found here. I now own & operate a beach venue complete with surfing, scuba diving, shopping, dancing and event hosting – Mystic Wave Beach. 

My avatar got an upgrade in Feb 2019 and he also got married then promptly divorced and now he has the BEST GF in BOTH worlds.  Our adventures have become the social media  comic sensation – “Our Second Life” 


thinking of you_003