The Endangered Project

In September of 2019 I embarked on a project to create 30 Illustrated Bookmarks of Endangered Species in 30 days to raise awareness of endangered species and donate 50% of the profits to the World Wildlife Fund. I accomplished this goal PLUS created an additional 10 Work-In-Progress short films of the project.

The Bookmarks were released in a Limited Edition Set – only 10 sets were made and all of them sold out.

PLEASE NOTE: I was planning on permanently partnering with the World Wildlife Fund as part of the new website rollout, donating 10% of all profits to them. However, in vetting the charity  through  I discovered their CEO, Carter Roberts, was paid $943,319 in 2018 making him the 22nd highest paid CEO of a Charity. This runs contrary to my personal beliefs about charity and certainly not something I would ask my patrons to pay into through their purchases from me. Thus, I will be dropping the WWO as a charitable partner and find more suitable avenues toward giving that align with my core values.

First Set of Bookmarks



Bookmark Set # 4

Set 5 Completed

Picture 104PROGRESSPicture 100

To see the 10 short WIP films – click on this link: