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The New Studio is Finished



It took about a week of drudge work – but the studio is now entirely unpacked, functional and decorated.

It was completed this evening when I framed and hung the centerpiece that ties it all together – Jake Weidmann’s print “Craftsmanship” https://www.jakeweidmann.com/

Work has begun on my film “A Legacy of Forgotten Names” – the script has finally gone through editing and this morning was delivered to the narrator.  (my writing is so bad it required 2 script editors)

Inktober is about to start – so I will be very busy juggling that and the film. But I have never been happier – or busier!



Letting My Imagination Run Wild

Secret Society of Pen and Ink Illustrators

Tonight I was thinking – what if there were Secret Societies for Artists much like the Illuminati, who passed down their knowledge and closely guarded secrets from one generation to the next? What would their seal look like? What would their secrets be? How would one become a member? Just imagine having the inner working knowledge of illustrators from the Golden Age (1880’s to 1920’s) or even before that! How they mixed their inks and fashioned their pens. What was their work ethic? How did they define aesthetic arrest?

Anyway – I had so much fun doing this – I just looked-up at the clock and it’s nearly 4:00AM!