Lasting Memories

As both an artist and an animal lover I wanted to offer a line of engraved art that would appeal to people who cherish their companion animals.

These are not machine or laser engraved.  Each portrait is a unique work of art lovingly hand crafted.

The process is very simple.  All you need to do is email me a photo that you want the portrait based on.  I will email you your invoice and payment options.  Because of the nature of this work a 4 to 6 week lead time is required.

Hand Engraved portraits with etched name on glass are $250.00

Hand Engraved portraits without name on Optical Crystal are $350.00  Unfortunately due to its hardness I cannot etch the name on crystal – this would require laser etching which is offered by most engraving and awards shops.

Shipping and Handling are included.

Below are 2 samples of portraits on 4 x 6″ beveled glass.

Genesis Brochure2  Kaylyn Brochure

Etching is accomplished by sandblasting media, in this case 180 grit aluminum oxide, onto the glass using a specially designed film mask.  Creating and developing the film is an art in itself.


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