July Freebee – Cat Nouveau

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Cat Nouveau Online Sample

Happy Fourth of July to all my art peeps out there.

This month’s printable freebee going out to the mailing list is ‘Cat Nouveau.’ 3000×3562 pixels.

I’ve been quite remiss with my studio work lately and the backlog continues to pile-up. I assure you new work will be coming soon – I just needed a bit of a break and have been working mainly in virtual environments designing and building vehicles and generally goofing-off and having fun – which I tend to excel at!

The recent fires here in Northern California have also presented me with some distractions as well.  As did my cat Oscar’s recent health emergency – Add to that I’ve met someone new who seems to distract me more and more … what can I say? I am HIGHLY DISTRACTABLE!  (is that even a word?)

If you have not already signed-up for the monthly freebee’s – you can do so here –


Cat Nouveau is also available on all sorts of products over at my Society 6 store –


Wishing you all a safe and happy Holidaze!

Until next time …



How to Follow, Contact & Get Freebies

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contact webI’ve added a new contact form to the site. It can be found at the top left of any page in the main menu. This is the BEST way to get the Monthly Freebies and Special Offers on Original Art.

Now that I am no longer using Facebook the best way to keep-up with my Latest Releases, including films and videos, is to click on the triangle at the bottom of the Home page and choose Follow Blog. Please note – clicking this does not give me your email address so you will not receive Freebies and Special Offers on Original Art.


As always – THANK YOU for joining me on this journey of Imagination and Creativity.

CM Ralph Signature no date

Taking a Break from Social Media

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My drawings have been getting a lot of “LIKES” on Social Media – 300-400 per drawing. Facebook recently congratulated me on having 18,000 LIKES. In fact people LIKE my art so much they’ve begun downloading and printing it out without paying for it.

While all these LIKES are great for my ego and quite frankly, very addictive (see the videos at the end of this post OR just Google “Is Facebook Addictive?”) – the LIKES do not translate into sales. They are vapor – they mean nothing. So the time I spend prepping previews, curating pages and posts and thanking people for their LIKES amounts to nothing more than an exercise in financial futility.

Early last year Artist Noah Bradley left social media entirely. We all thought, “Yeah but he’ll be back.” But you know what? Noah never came back. When questioned about his move he said – “The freedom of not having to think about social media has been so refreshing. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s able.”

While I hardly have the following Noah has I think it’s time for me to take a little break and see what happens. I have made no secret lately of my frustration with the level of intelligence I’ve been finding on Social Media. I have become acutely aware that every time I log into Facebook I begin to feel either depressed or angry. These feelings have escalated recently in proportion to the greater amount of time I spend on the site. Something is wrong and the alarm started going off in my head – despite feeling bad every time I log-in I cannot stop logging-in. THAT IS ADDICTION. I am also keenly aware of recent articles and interviews with Facebook developers about how it was designed to be psychologically addictive  A former Facebook executive reported  he would not allow his children to use social media.  He says he feels ‘tremendous guilt’ for the influence Facebook has had and its ability to manipulate users, suggesting users take a break from using social media altogether.

And then there’s Apple CEO, Tim Cook who publicly admitted he would not allow kids to use social media.

As the old folks used to say in the Adirondacks,  I smell a rat in the wood pile.

So – it’s break time for me. I have deactivated my Facebook account effective 10:50AM PST today.


My email address is open to the public and let’s face it – my studio is called The Undisclosed Studio for a reason. hahaha

Until next time …









Studio Growth & Service Expansion

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Hello I amI am very excited to share with you that the re-branding of the studio is now complete and I have just drawn-up a business plan for my expansion of services to include:

Personalized Original Fine Art Prints for Home and OfficeAD

Personalized Original Fine Art Design For:

Gifts, Home Décor, Motivational Posters, Marketing Materials, Product Photo Mock-Ups, Visualization & Labeling, Book & Magazine Covers, Custom Tattoo Designs, Digital Marketing, Customized Fine Art for Business, Corporate and Nonprofit Spaces. 

So – Please Stay Tuned! In the coming weeks I will be releasing more information about new product offerings.

New Year, New Web Presence

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waterman nib 2018

Welcome to all the new folks who have joined my journey this year! I hope I will create images that inspire and delight you.

What’s New –

The web site is going through a major overhaul with a simpler new look and feel.

I have decided to handle all sales directly rather than use online shopping platforms and have ceased all online marketing. The reasoning behind these decisions was simple – they did not work.

Besides this website I will continue to share all new work on Facebook for friends and colleagues.

What’s on the agenda for 2018?

A Legacy of Forgotten Names – Documentary Film in production

Illuminated Animals – Pen & Ink Drawing Collection – ongoing

More making-of videos – ongoing

Re-Issuing Print Publication of my Children’s Book, WillowMouse

Several other ideas that are a bit too nebulous to mention at this time.

As always – I am grateful to have you join me on this adventure!

Until next time …







Last Illustration for 2017

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engraved portrait

From The Illustrated Fantastical Compendium of Imaginary People, Places & Things. circa 1800 – The International Society for the Preservation of Paracosms employed the services of a mysterious explorer, known simply as ‘The Traveler’, to expedite their efforts in locating and securing paracosmic portals.

Holiday Greetings From Oscar

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Card from Oscar

Oscar, unfortunately, cannot resist a bad pun. He always tells me if puns are outlawed, only outlaws will have puns.

Here’s a few pics of him enjoying his Holidays.

Oscar's First Ornament

Above –  he is seen snagging his first ornament – caught in the act!

Christmas Angel

Screen Saver Cat

Oscar enjoys helping me decorate the festive table by rolling all over it.

Oscar Helps with Holiday Table

And he is always helping me in the kitchen.

Oscar Helps Me Cooking

Thank You Adrienne & Andrew

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Thank you

I have so much to be thankful for that I rarely publicly single-out individuals or events here on my professional website, preferring instead to thank people personally for the contributions of love and energy they extend my way.

But this deserves a very public recognition from me.

THANK YOU Professor Adrienne Shaw of Temple University and Andrew Borman, Digital Games Curator at the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, New York.

For your inspiration, ingenuity, diligence, perseverance, tenacity, and concerted efforts to revive what had been previously thought to be lost to history – the world’s first LBGT computer game, originally published by me in 1989 – Caper in the Castro.

It was a Christmas gift beyond anything I could have imagined.

CM Ralph Signature no date

The game can be played here:



Photograph of the original diskette


Studio News

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New Studio Computer has arrived, passed testing phase and is now in use.


Dell XPS 8920 Tower
Windows 10 Professional
Intel Core i7 Processor 
10 USB Ports
DVI, HDMI and DP video ports
16 Gigs RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Titanium GPU with
4 GIGS Video Ram
1 Terabyte Intel Optane HDD

My Brain is like a Web Browser with 3,549 tabs open all the time.

I have been absent of late – off dreaming dreams and playing with ideas. I am currently constructing the latticework of my latest project which may be a serialized graphic novella, an animation or an interactive game, perhaps all 3 or none of these at all …

In the virtual world I have managed to develop a couple of life-like male avatars – here are their untouched photos –

Daniel Portrait


This led me to write a paper on The Applied Aesthetics of Humanoid Avatars – from an artist’s perspective – which will be made available to academically-minded outlets after I finish editing it.

My two computer games from 1989 are on their way to The Strong Museum in Rochester New York for emulator testing and possible revival. Many thanks to Assistant Professor Adrienne Shaw of the Temple University Department of Media Studies and Production for her interest and efforts regarding this.

My film, A Legacy of Forgotten Names, is on hold until the narration can be recorded.

In closing – here’s video images of my brain!  LOL