Busy in the Virtual World

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Hi Art Peeps –

I am so focused on my inventions for the virtual world of Second Life I have been remiss in sharing any updates with you. So here’s some pictures of what my virtual workshop and life look like. I am busy preparing for the grand opening of my new showroom so am averaging 16 hours a day working right now. But I try to find time for my favorite activities like sailing and diving the virtual oceans.

Crazy Inventor Guy_004

Diving Pacifique


July Freebee – Cat Nouveau

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Cat Nouveau Online Sample

Happy Fourth of July to all my art peeps out there.

This month’s printable freebee going out to the mailing list is ‘Cat Nouveau.’ 3000×3562 pixels.

I’ve been quite remiss with my studio work lately and the backlog continues to pile-up. I assure you new work will be coming soon – I just needed a bit of a break and have been working mainly in virtual environments designing and building vehicles and generally goofing-off and having fun – which I tend to excel at!

The recent fires here in Northern California have also presented me with some distractions as well.  As did my cat Oscar’s recent health emergency – Add to that I’ve met someone new who seems to distract me more and more … what can I say? I am HIGHLY DISTRACTABLE!  (is that even a word?)

If you have not already signed-up for the monthly freebee’s – you can do so here –


Cat Nouveau is also available on all sorts of products over at my Society 6 store –


Wishing you all a safe and happy Holidaze!

Until next time …


June Freebee is on its way!

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Motorcycle Dreams - blog

What I’m listening to:
This months freebee is a bit of a departure from my standard ink drawings. I am back to building virtual motorcycles in a brand new virtual workshop and loving every minute of it. I’ve also been experimenting with strange new concepts of animating image textures on 3D surfaces and listening to a lot of psychill music which causes my brain to wander into new unknown vistas. So what came forth this morning was this image. It is based on a stock image drawing and photo from my library but I thought it came out kinda trippy none the less.
Everyone on the mailing list will receive a 3000×2075 pixel printable .jpg file
In a month or two  I will return to my glass engraving and begin my first attempts at lino-cut print making. I tend to work on projects as my passions dictate them and whatever is capturing my imagination at any given time. Serendipity and imagination = fun.
Viva la Freedom to Create!
Until next time …

New Workshop Finished and Phasing-out My Virtual Existence

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Workshop FInishedNew Workshop set-up for Glass & Wood Engraving and Wood Block Print Making

Exciting new projects are beginning at The Undisclosed Studio Workshop. And with them come changes to the priorities and schedules in my life.

Effective immediately I have begun phasing-out my virtual existence in Second Life. As much as I have enjoyed the past 9 years I find that building virtual objects and vehicles holds less and less interest for me and the money I make from them does not cover the outlay I spend monthly on my virtual land rentals. ($50.00+ a month) I have also found that I have a dwindling interest in it as a social outlet – too much negativity and drama lately which is a real turn-off.  I prefer reading a book, listening to music or watching a movie or YouTube for entertainment and relaxation.

Right now I am focused on wood & glass engraving and my introduction to learning wood block print making. One of my first inspirations as a young teenage artist was from the woodblock prints of Gustave Doré and Hiroshige’s Floating World of Edo (Ukiyo-e) of Japan I used to see in library books. I have since added many of these editions to my own personal library. But it was not until I could realize a fully-functional working studio/workshop space that I could finally begin exploring this process myself, first hand.


So I am really exciting to begin this new adventure and see where it leads!

Until next time –

Back to the Drawing Table

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Break's Over

I’ve spent the past two  months focused mainly on designing and building virtual motorcycles and other fun items in Second Life (Second Life is a free 3D virtual world where users can create, connect, and chat with others from around the world)

While this creative excursion has been a lot of fun and even a little profitable, I do need to get back to what I do best – graphic art and filmmaking. That said, I wanted to share some highlights from my creative efforts in Second Life where I am known as Daniel Wolfsong – Artist, Auteur, Inventor, Philanthropist, Adventurer and Compulsive Creator.

As with my Real Life art business – my work days in Second Life can, at times, extend to 16 hours a day. (When I am focused on creative problem solving  I completely lose track of time and quite often even what day it is!)  One of my favorite quotes is: “Find what you love and let it kill you.”

While I will be cutting-back on my work hours in Second Life I will certainly not be curtailing the wonderful quality time I spend socially with friends and family there.

Wolfsong's Jingle All The Way

Blue Porcelain (2)

Built by and Artiat SIGN

hello kitteh pink ad_001


custom sterling_001



Studio Growth & Service Expansion

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Hello I amI am very excited to share with you that the re-branding of the studio is now complete and I have just drawn-up a business plan for my expansion of services to include:

Personalized Original Fine Art Prints for Home and OfficeAD

Personalized Original Fine Art Design For:

Gifts, Home Décor, Motivational Posters, Marketing Materials, Product Photo Mock-Ups, Visualization & Labeling, Book & Magazine Covers, Custom Tattoo Designs, Digital Marketing, Customized Fine Art for Business, Corporate and Nonprofit Spaces. 

So – Please Stay Tuned! In the coming weeks I will be releasing more information about new product offerings.

Studio News

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New Studio Computer has arrived, passed testing phase and is now in use.


Dell XPS 8920 Tower
Windows 10 Professional
Intel Core i7 Processor 
10 USB Ports
DVI, HDMI and DP video ports
16 Gigs RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Titanium GPU with
4 GIGS Video Ram
1 Terabyte Intel Optane HDD

My Brain is like a Web Browser with 3,549 tabs open all the time.

I have been absent of late – off dreaming dreams and playing with ideas. I am currently constructing the latticework of my latest project which may be a serialized graphic novella, an animation or an interactive game, perhaps all 3 or none of these at all …

In the virtual world I have managed to develop a couple of life-like male avatars – here are their untouched photos –

Daniel Portrait


This led me to write a paper on The Applied Aesthetics of Humanoid Avatars – from an artist’s perspective – which will be made available to academically-minded outlets after I finish editing it.

My two computer games from 1989 are on their way to The Strong Museum in Rochester New York for emulator testing and possible revival. Many thanks to Assistant Professor Adrienne Shaw of the Temple University Department of Media Studies and Production for her interest and efforts regarding this.

My film, A Legacy of Forgotten Names, is on hold until the narration can be recorded.

In closing – here’s video images of my brain!  LOL


The Power of “What If”

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My latest fun project is a web comic entitled: “The Adventures of Atomic Betty in the Virtual World”

I’ve wanted to do a comic book project for many, many years but just never had the time to experiment and create a process pipeline for images. Now that I am retired and working full time in the studio I have that luxury.

The premise for Atomic Betty came to me one night while exploring in the virtual world of Second Life. I wondered – what do our avatars do after we log out? What if they have a whole other life we know nothing about?  What if their existence is filled with adventure and intrigue? What if our avatars become sentient beings when we are not around?

While still in the experimental stage – I am very happy so far with the results of building this process pipeline. I’m using a combination of ‘windlight’ settings in Second Life and post processing in Photoshop to achieve this color halftone printed look.

I’m having a blast working on this. It’s a nice break from the drawing table.


Opened a Second Online Store

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Lots of products and lots of choices!

Fine Art America dealt with my damaged order and will replace it at no extra cost to me.

So good news today!



Re-Thinking my Business Plan with Fine Art America

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picture arrived with broken frame

After spending 44 years working in Quality Assurance there is ONE thing that drives me nuts – and that is POOR QUALITY.

My first order arrived from Fine Art America – the package was pristine and undamaged – the frame of the picture was broken and obviously PACKED AFTER IT HAD BEEN BROKEN.

This is NOT acceptable.

The idea that someone might buy my art and receive it in this condition is absolutely appalling to me – and embarrassing.

So I’m going to re-think how I want my work sold. I may just do it myself.


Why I Won’t do Work-In-Progress Videos

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Drawing Table

I have given this a lot of thought and consideration.

I waited 62 years to be an artist, 44 of those years I worked in factories.

Art is not entertainment.

Art expands the spiritual and emotional horizons of those that view it. Art expands consciousness. Entertainment is a hollow container for meaninglessness time spent in in the void of engagement  searching for an emotional reaction, searching for SOMETHING to feel.

Art demands that we feel much deeper. I’m not aiming at your eyes – I’m aiming at your soul.

I don’t create art for you. I create art for me. And THAT is what I have been afraid to say all this time.

I will do WIP scans and photos. But not the immediacy of a video. That’s just way too personal for me. I may have never honored my work before – but I do now.



Occupation: Artist

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Occupation Artist

I can’t even begin to tell you how it felt to see this on an official document.

I’ve been so busy packing and dealing with all the logistics involved in leaving the Bay Area that this “shift” hasn’t been made conscious to me until now.

I have waited all my life for this.


Leaving Silicon Valley

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studio move

I woke-up on the morning of March 15th 2017 and just KNEW I was never going back to work again. I emailed my immediate resignation to my employer, a multi-billion dollar Silicon Valley corporation that is so morally and ethically bankrupt all their employees are miserable. Their response was to send the police to my house … I am not kidding. It was their last-ditch effort to humiliate and control me and it failed completely.

I have lived in Silicon Valley for 28 years. This place is not the place it was when I moved here. It has become a traffic congested nightmare where one bedroom apartments cost $2,500 – $3,000 a month. Only the extremely wealthy can actually afford to live here anymore.

But I want to thank Silicon Valley for giving me a job and a way to save enough money to now get the hell out of here and become the full-time artist I was born to be.

There is so much to be excited about! But right now I have to finish all this packing!