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Producing a Making-of Film

Avis's Owl

I’m a big fan of artist’s making-of films so now that I have my own camera set-up over the drawing table I wanted to give it a try.

I did a Live Stream to Facebook yesterday which, in my mind, was a complete disaster because I kept incessantly clearing my throat while talking.  It was so damn annoying and embarrassing.  Admittedly, 45 years of smoking and the fact that I spend so much time alone I rarely talk (except to Oscar and occasionally myself) contributed to this problem. While viewers were very kind and generous with their positive feedback, I knew after watching the playback that I would never do that again.

So, I am going to pre-produce my videos – which will allow me to have much better control over their quality.

After a day of experimentation and a string of failures with hardware and software I finally found a way to produce the results I am after.

never give up

Re-Thinking my Business Plan with Fine Art America

picture arrived with broken frame

After spending 44 years working in Quality Assurance there is ONE thing that drives me nuts – and that is POOR QUALITY.

My first order arrived from Fine Art America – the package was pristine and undamaged – the frame of the picture was broken and obviously PACKED AFTER IT HAD BEEN BROKEN.

This is NOT acceptable.

The idea that someone might buy my art and receive it in this condition is absolutely appalling to me – and embarrassing.

So I’m going to re-think how I want my work sold. I may just do it myself.


Playing with Ideas

tree head

I had this image in my mind and quickly comped it in Photoshop.  Unfortunately the tree actually belongs to a Slovakian Artist named Vladimir Ceresnak. He released the image to use on Royalty Free Image sites – BUT – to license it commercially for re-sales would cost $800.00 – so I won’t be doing that.

But that’s the whole point of “comping” ideas.  The comps work as a conceptional basis for MY original work to follow.

I am tempted to photograph my latest WIP on the Illuminated Animals series – but this one is so amazing – I’m going to wait for the final reveal!

This exercise has revealed to me that I really don’t know HOW to be an artist. I have all the mechanical skills – but the fact is I spent my entire life NOT being an artist. So I fantasized about it, that’s all. I have no idea HOW to be an artist, how to deal with inspiration, how to play with ideas, how to be open to all that is.  I am clueless.

This has been a very insightful day.


Why I Won’t do Work-In-Progress Videos

Drawing Table

I have given this a lot of thought and consideration.

I waited 62 years to be an artist, 44 of those years I worked in factories.

Art is not entertainment.

Art expands the spiritual and emotional horizons of those that view it. Art expands consciousness. Entertainment is a hollow container for meaninglessness time spent in in the void of engagement  searching for an emotional reaction, searching for SOMETHING to feel.

Art demands that we feel much deeper. I’m not aiming at your eyes – I’m aiming at your soul.

I don’t create art for you. I create art for me. And THAT is what I have been afraid to say all this time.

I will do WIP scans and photos. But not the immediacy of a video. That’s just way too personal for me. I may have never honored my work before – but I do now.