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*** Begining in 2020 I made the decision to deactivate all my social media accounts as well as stop watching or reading the news. The overwhelming amount of energy-draining hostility, fear-mongering and negativity found in these areas simply became too overwhelming for me. It affected not just my emotional states but my physical health, causing issues with my immune system and general inflammation throughout my body. All of which have resolved in the wake of eradicating negative energy from my life. This is real, folks – even my arthritis is gone. ***

Life begins after 65! Art, Experimentation, Invention, and Curiosity are my all-consuming and driving passions. A perpetual student and compulsive creator – I am always learning new ways to create and share imaginative content. You will find humor infused in a lot of the things I do. I love to laugh and I think laughter truly has healing and restorative powers. I believe Joy is our natural state and I work hard to protect and maintain my own child-like sense of wonder and playfulness. I further believe that happiness is a choice, not a destination and not something that can be bestowed upon you by someone else or through the acquisition of higher social status, money or material objects. While these things may help you feel happy, they are not, in themselves the source of happiness. To find that source one must look within to one’s own soul.

My claim to fame – I have a small cult following for being the person who created and published the world’s first LGBTQ computer game in 1989. Caper in the Castro It was heralded as,  “One of the most important accomplishments in the history of interactive entertainment.”  By Paste Magazine.  (I am occasionally asked to do interviews and some fans make videos about the game. It was also featured in a museum installation in Berlin, Germany Dec 2018 – May 2019)

A late bloomer, I graduated from the University of California @ Santa Cruz program in Interactive Media Design in 2002. I went on to teach evening classes for the University in Digital Film Editing and Special Effects for a couple years, then in 2004 I graduated from the New York Alternative Film School and began working on building what would one day become my own studio. In 2019 I became a Certified Art Therapy Coach and hope to offer workshops beginning in 2020.

Although my collector base is small, my work can be found in private collections around the world. I am so fortunate to have found collectors who also become friends.

February 2020 I made the decision to no longer create original content for virtual worlds, choosing instead to focus my time and creative energy on my Real Life art and glass engraving studios.

In addition to my creative work, I volunteer as a Literacy Tutor for my local Library System. I am a notorious bibliophile and I cannot imagine what my life’s path would have been had I not learned how to read as a young child. So it is my wish to help open the world of the written word to those who have not been able to access it.

Relationship – I am in a very unique committed relationship with a woman who is my Secret Pen Pal, my soul mate, my romance, the childhood playmate I never had and no matter what, we’ll be okay.

Hobbies – I collect inexpensive yet beautiful fountain pens. I enjoy working on an herb and flower container garden I’m slowly building in my backyard. I collect wind chimes, which I call “Magical Ting-Ting’s” and have them all around my house.  I want to learn how to build them someday.

My main studio’s name is “The Undisclosed Studio.” Besides graphic arts,  I enjoy making short films and occasionally composing and recording electronic music. I also have a second studio where I engrave glass.  https://vimeo.com/undisclosedstudio

The studio is managed by a team of 4 cats who appeared one day in my backyard when they were little kittens, emaciated and in need of food, shelter and medical care. You can read their story here – The Cat Story

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I worked in manufacturing for 45 years, saving up every penny I could so one day I could buy my own home. The concept of “home” is very important to me. It wasn’t until I retired in 2017 that I was finally able to do that and be free to pursue my life-long dream to be a full-time artist and creator. Nowadays I spend most of my time working in my pajamas, occasionally emerging from my studio to get coffee and abruptly shouting “🍌Banana!🍌” for no particular reason.

Contact Information:

Due to a thwarted attempt at identity theft, I no longer post my mailing address.

 (707) 461-4490

Where to find me online-


 Find me on Skype: live:cmralphart

Find me on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/undisclosedstudio

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