A Man Named Daniel

Daniel Portrait

Daniel Wolfsong – Virtual Man  Artist, Inventor, Philanthropist

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Daniel is a man I created in Second Life in 2012. He owned businesses, was married and divorced and ended-up living on a houseboat. After a little over 6 years Daniel began developing  behavioral problems. He began hurting people. So – I have retired him for now. To what extent Daniel is me and I him – I am not sure anymore. (Right now, I really don’t want to have anything to do with him. He hurt someone whose only offense was to love, support and accept him on a soul level.  A price has to be paid for this kind of hurtful, willful and destructive behavior and that price may well be his virtual existence.)  I know I loved him and I loved slipping on his body and being him. I loved his life and his friends. I loved how he evolved over the years right up until the end when he suddenly became a self-promoting narcissistic sociopath.  (Obviously, I am talking about myself here.) Anyway – both Daniel and I need a break from online social interactions until we can learn how to act like normal people. I know in time I will resurface – but I am not so sure about him. You can find his blog and life history here: https://danielwolfsong.wordpress.com/

17 days check

Right before Daniel lost his mind (so to speak) I made this film about he and I.

This where I stand emotionally in regards to Daniel right now and what he did – this is how I feel about him (myself) : You cannot un-ring a bell.


In Second Life his passion was building vehicles –