Freedom Friday- The Crate Project


July 31, 2020 – day 137 of my quarantine

I’ve had several home projects on hold due to my feet being injured but after medical care and 2 weeks recovery (I’m still on the antibiotics), I was super ready to get busy around here!

When I first moved in 3 years ago, I found that despite all my bookcases, which had been in storage for many years along with most of my library, I still had an overflow of books without a home. So I took what I had on hand, 3 long shelves and 6 plastic crates, and made a make-shift bookcase.

But then I recently rearranged the furniture to better facilitate my recovery and the ability to watch TV better while flat on my back, I realized that these plastic crates had actually started to warp and bulge under the prolonged weigh of the books. This made the entire assembly dangerously unstable – and the kids ALL love to jump up there and scan the neighborhood – so it was time to remedy the situation.


Since this was one of those “do-to” list projects I was always putting-off anyways, I decided to go ahead and order 6 sturdy wooden crates from Home Depot and get this job done!


The crates arrived last night and this morning I did the project – aided by my team of studio managers, Millie, Jack, Laser, and Spot.

The entire management crew got involved with supervision and inspection.

The strength of construction and structural stability was also tested vigorously.





Millie oversaw the unpacking, sorting, and cleaning of the books and DVDs supervised by Jack … who soon tired of the job and took a nap.



Thanks to good management the project had a successful completion with room left for NEW BOOKS!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA


I cannot tell you how happy I am to be active again and able to do these fun projects with the kids.

Later this afternoon I’m DJing an online party with friends who I have missed so much. It is GREAT to be back and living my life again!

Sending you all my Love and Light. Stay Safe. Stay Smart. Stay Sane. Stay Strong out there.

Until next time … Here’s The B-52’s with ‘Love Shack” Let’s Party!


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