Update 7-24-2020 Day 130

Hi Folks –

I wanted to let you know how I am doing. The infection on the cat scratches on my left foot are not spreading which is good news but it is also not showing any signs of healing, despite everything I am doing to aid healing. Being a 65 year old Diabetic with poor peripheral circulation, this is not unusual but it is worrisome. The broken toe on my other foot is visibly much worse today so I called my Dr. and discovered that due to the pandemic situation here in California they are only doing appointments over the phone. I was told my Dr. will call me next Wednesday at 4:45PM and if things get worse to go to the ER.

Because of my poor circulation and these 2 injuries, I cannot sit at my desk computer for more than a few minutes at a time, as sitting this way impairs the circulation to my legs. Blood can flow DOWN to my legs and feet but the issue is that the return blood flow back UP does not work.

I am doing my best to stay sane and semi-optimistic. But after 130 days alone in isolation, I have to tell you that it is difficult for me sometimes. I feel like this pandemic will never end. My country is currently run by a senile and malignant pathological psychopath who seems to only want to kill all of us so he and his sycophants can line their pockets with even more money.

Thank you for your patience during this time. I am sorry I cannot spend time with you online or do any of my usual blogging and posting – but this is simply the way it is.

Take care

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