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July 22, 2020 – Day 128 of my quarantine

A foot injury that has become infected currently prevents me from spending any time seated at my desk computer in the studio.

Being diabetic and over 65, I suffer from impaired circulation in my legs. This is exacerbated by sitting at my desk for any length of time. Having impaired blood flow to my foot means that wounds do not heal quickly and impurities cannot be easily pumped back though my heart processed out of my body.

I am resting, keeping my legs elevated, the wound clean,  my blood sugar really low – using an air-sleeve leg compression device, and doing everything possible to aid the healing process. As the pandemic grows worse here every day the last thing I want to do is expose myself to the covid19 virus by going to the hospital but will do so if my current injury worsens.

I am using a laptop in the living room to respond to important emails.

I will resume the blog once my injury begins to heal and it is safe to do so.

Until next time …

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