90 Days in Isolation – What I’ve Learned

90 Days Blog post

June 14, 2020 – Day 90 of my quarantine

Recently heard …

Steadman: “There are other people out there golfing.”

Oprah: “You’re not other people.”

The choice to not go along with this questionable  “The country is re-opening” narrative is one each American will make individually. Because we have no leadership, we have no actual national guidance based on the preservation of our safety and wellbeing – all the public encouragements “to get out there” that we are being subjected to are all about the financial welfare of our economy – THEY ARE NOT ABOUT the people’s physical health and welfare. 

What is true right now is that COVID 19 is continuing to spread in the United States, people are continuing to die at an alarming rate and it is now ON THE RISE AGAIN in several states. As of this writing, 423,000 people have died worldwide, in the U.S. 2.12 MILLION have been infected, 117,000 have died and 4,943 have died in my state, California.

There are those on social media and Fox News who will tell you all this is a hoax and nobody has died. These are the same people who think that laser death rays are being shot from satellites to start forest fires and that vapor trails from jets are actually the government gassing us with mind-control chemicals. Hey – America is a free country, right? People are free to believe whatever the hell they want. As a reasonably intelligent person, I am ALSO FREE to ban, block, make fun of, and ignore these people.

So, the FIRST thing I have learned is: To NOT follow Government Guidelines regarding what is happening. To instead – watch the WHO and CDC statistics and make MY OWN decisions about THE PRESERVATION OF MY HEALTH AND WELFARE and about how much I want to expose myself based on FACTS, SCIENCE, and STATISTICS.

The SECOND thing I learned is: I am resilient and possess the ability to endure this. I got through 90 days alone and I can get through another 90 days alone or longer if necessary. I am capable, intuitive, resourceful, and can make good decisions that enhance and enrich my life and the lives that I touch through my creative arts and writing.

The THIRD thing I have learned is: I AM OKAY IN THIS MOMENT. When I feel unsure, fearful, or unsteady I stop and ask myself that question – AM I OKAY IN THIS MOMENT? The answer so far has always been, “YES. IN THIS MOMENT I AM WELL.”

I hope that this moment finds each of you well, too.

Sending you all my Love and Light. Stay Safe. Stay Smart. Stay Sane. Stay Strong out there.

Until next time … here’s some Bon Iver –