Christmas in June


June 13, 2020 – Day 89 of my quarantine

We’re on the eve of my first 90 days! 3 months alone in isolation. I deserve some treats and who better to give them to me than ME!?!

I have always wanted to take a course in Industrial Design to improve my drawing skills in the areas of perspective, volume and object graphic depiction. So I decided to invest in Scott Robertson’s highly regarded textbook and do a self-directed course. I just began yesterday and am almost through chapter 1. This book is BIG and SCARY – but I think that’s exciting and I love the challenge.

My living room TV died a few days ago and what better gift to give myself than a brand new, shiny smart TV? I ordered a 43″ Toshiba HD 1080p with Amazon Fire preinstalled. It should be arriving Tuesday.


I also ordered a 2 mm graphite clutch lead holder, with graphite and a couple softcover sketchbooks from a new company I wanted to checkout

Then I completed my Hayao Miyazaki collection with 2 titles I discovered I was missing when I wrote yesterday’s blog post about his films. I THOUGHT I had all of them in my library but was short these 2. I’m looking forward to watching them on my new BIG screen!


Fun Gift-Giving to myself would not be complete without MORE BOOKS! So I got a collection of Mech artists compilations and one on How to Draw Sci Fi environments. (secret hint – these all have something to do with a future project) 


I thought I was done with gift buying at this point … until yesterday morning when I was shopping for replacement piston-filled inserts for one of my fountain pens. I collect inexpensive fountain pens and use them for writing and drawing. And I saw THIS and went into a MASSIVE PENGASM –

A matte black, knurled barrel fountain pen with a black nib. I totally lost my mind over this pen and HAD TO HAVE IT for my collection. I think it is the sexiest pen I have ever seen. This is truly the fountain pen of The Mysterious Mechanic (my nom de plume).

Navigating this time in my life is really all about endurance, perseverence and not giving-up hope. I do my best to keep myself busy and engaged, which I recently wrote about here. But I’d be lying if I told you this has been easy ALL the time. It hasn’t and I go through periods depression and self doubt. Luckily they are short-lived and I get right back to normal within a day or two. What has helped me tremendously is learning how to be nice to myself – the way I would someone I love. Buying these gifts is part of that process. I’ve always been great at being overly generous with others but not so much with myself.

Sending you all my Love and Light. Stay Safe. Stay Smart. Stay Sane. Stay Strong out there.

Until next time … here’s some Black Math with “Lapse” –