Yet Another Place I Don’t Belong

not belonging

Well – here we go again.

I joined a Local Artists Group on Facebook thinking it might be a great way to meet other local artists, discuss resources, local arts, etc.


I posted one drawing and received a PUBLIC WARNING that I was posting in the WRONG PLACE and had to create an “album.”

Please note that these “RULES” were not specified ANYWHERE in the Group’s Description and the Group was described as being “Open to ALL Artists”  Plus no one else had received a public warning – despite posting their art exactly as I had posted mine.

None the less,  I politely complied with this request, created an album, and posted a second drawing to that album.


I then had another person YELL at me PUBLICLY that was I was “TAKING OVER THEIR PAGE” with my posts.  ( 2 drawings … )

I IMed the Group Admin and said …

“Okay – well I’m not really sure what the deal is with your group but I think I’d be more comfortable leaving it. I wish you much success in your endeavors.”

And I left. Life is just way too short for this kind of pettiness.

I get it. The lesson here is  – Professional artists should not be joining community/hobbyist art groups. The smell of insecurity was so thick in the air on that second chastisement I received I had to open a window here in the studio.


Until next time …