Let’s Get Back to Art

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June 7, 2020 – Part 2 – Day 83 of my quarantine

Now that I’m done annoying the Nazis it’s time to get back to the important matters at hand. The creation of more Art.

Although I have not been working much this past week (other than the anniversary gift for my neighbors) I have been reading a lot, listening to a lot of artist podcasts, and thinking and journaling quite a bit about art and creativity in general.

My schedule is shifting more than I’d anticipated with my exodus from the virtual world. I suspect I never truly realized how much time and energy I was spending on that stuff as it straddled a fuzzy line between entertainment and creativity.

I have a shortlist of larger goal projects I want to pursue – one of which I’ve already begun, my coffee table digital art book, “Intersection” along with my work in the new glass engraving studio. There’s also my continuing work with Endangered Species that is on-going (probably for the rest of my life). And there is one more thing – one vestige of the virtual world that I intend to bring fully realized into this world and that is The Mysterious Mechanic Catalog. Part graphic novel, part catalog, part sketchbook of designs, curious contraptions, an products from another world. Pen and Ink and pencil drawings.

To that end, I have decided I want to learn how to be a better draftsperson. I never attended art school, never received any formal instruction in drawing beyond high school art class and while I am so very grateful to have been gifted by the Universe with a great deal of natural artistic ability – I lack many of the fundamentals required to truly execute a solid graphic design. So, I invested in a coursebook that teaches these fundamentals step by step which I will use as a self-paced lesson plan. I should be receiving the book in a week or two.

how to draw

Here’s the author giving a guided tour of the book –

Just as I spent quite a bit of time over this last year learning art history, I see this as an additional investment in my education and craft as a creator. You don’t have to spend $250,000.00 to get a great art education – all you need is a sincere desire along with some determination, will, and persistence – yes, even at 65.

This coming ‘Well-Read Wednesday’ is going to feature something special for you regarding living the artistic life – hope you’ll stay tuned for that.

Sending you all my Love and Light. Stay Safe. Stay Smart. Stay Sane. Stay Strong out there.

Until next time … here’s some Bob Dylan