Music Monday / Back in the Studio

shadow play matted

June 1, 2020 – Day 77 of my quarantine (posted the evening of May 31st)

It feels so damn good to be back in my studio making art for art’s sake. This piece is called “Shadow Play” and is an idea that’s been kicking around in the back of my mind for a while. I created it just now – it’s a digital simulation of Japanese paper cutting, called Kirie or Kirigami (literally meaning cut picture). It is said to have developed after 610 AD when Tesuki Washi paper, invented in China, was brought to japan by Doncho, a Buddhist monk from Korea.

This Music Monday I want to highlight the type of music I most often listen to when I’m working on things like this in the studio. Downtempo/Ambient –

I like this type of music because it keeps me in my flow state for longer periods of time. Unlike film music, which I also enjoy working to, it has a less complex emotional draw – contraction and expansiveness. It’s just good working music for me – allowing ideas to freely come and go without interference or over-interpretation. Its otherworldly and ethereal qualities also match much of what I work on – especially images for the upcoming book.

There are lots of Downtempo/Ambient instrumental composers out there – some of my favorites are –

Brian Eno, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Boards of Canada, Bonobo, Apple & Stone, Liquid Mind, Global Communication, and Ulrich Schnauss. I also enjoy Ott & The All-Seeing Eye and Shpongle, but they tend to be more Psybient – (Pshychedlic Ambient) rather than Downtempo.

I’ve spent some time doing a lot of thinking and journaling about my life, what I want to do with it and where I want it to go from here. Much of which is too personal to share on this blog – but I do want to share with you that as arduous as it may seem, it never hurts to just stop, sit down and have the courage to do a brutal re-assessment of your life and its trajectory. Even at my age. A life requires management just like a budget if it’s to be successful. I’m not talking about success in the vernacular of fame or fortune – I’m using the term to denote personal fulfillment and satisfaction.

Anyway – I’m back to being in a really good headspace and I hope this post finds you in one as well.

Sending you all my Love and Light. Stay Safe. Stay Smart. Stay Sane. Stay Strong out there.

Until next time …