Music Monday – Suzanne Vega


May 25, 2020 – Day 70 of my quarantine

Anyone whose known me for any length of time knows that I’ve been engaged in a decades-long love affair with Suzanne Vega. Unfortunately, it is unrequited, but still – I’ll take what I can get. LOL!

I own every recording she’s ever made as well as her published works of poetry.

Of all her music there are 3 songs that I cherish most deeply. The first one, “Men in a War” speaks to me as a transgender man who can never attain physical alignment with my gender. I came to the diagnosis late in my life and due to health issues I was not a good fit for testosterone therapy (tried unsuccessfully) or surgery.  So I had to make peace with that – it was not easy and took several years but I am finally at a place of acceptance with it. Being able to virtually augment my reality has helped tremendously in dealing with body dysphoria.

The second song, “Left of Center” speaks to me about being different in so much of my life and how I engage the world around me. As I am no stranger to feeling that way – LOL

EYE CANDY BONUS – I think she is so damn cute in this video –

The third song, “The World Before Columbus”, is deeply personal. I’ve shared here in the past about my soulmate, Sarah, who passed away from cancer 7 years ago – this was a song I picked for her BEFORE she died, and now in her absence, it speaks volumes.

Sending you all my Love and Light. Stay Safe. Stay Smart. Stay Sane. Stay Strong out there.

Until next time …