Miscellaneous Sunday


May 24, 2020 – Day 69 of my quarantine

I laid in bed for while this morning imagining time as a liquid and thinking about how it flows over our consciousness as if it were a surface. When our consciousness is in an undisrupted state, clear, happy and at peace, its surface is as smooth as mirror glass so that time flows across it quickly (Flow States) But when our consciousness is in a state of flux, disrupted, troubled, or tormented its surface becomes extremely rough and uneven, it may even become torqued and geometrically deformed which causes our experience of the fluidity of time to appear to run extremely slow and in some cases feel disjointed and surreal.

Applying the principles of Fluid Dynamics to this line of thinking can really lead to some interesting outcomes.

Goofing Off

I’m spending this weekend doing nothing constructive and just goofing off. I attended 3 live concerts online yesterday and had blast – here I am at one dancing with my Baby Goats …

I’m also watching my newly acquired DVD collection of ‘Last Exile’ – a Japanese anime series I watched several years ago and really enjoyed – here’s the opening –

I just love the Diesel Punk aesthetic and the story holds-up well too with solid character development. Maybe I’ll add an Anime day to my growing list of “theme days” here. I do not own a tremendous amount of Anime, myself being a very eclectic collector, but I do have a pretty good library of it.

For me anyway, it’s important to take breaks and just do mindless activities for a while. It seems to reset my mind and prepare it for more creative ideas – like my thoughts about the liquidity of time this morning.

My Goofing Off extends to the “Great Outdoors” of my backyard as well – the flowers and herbs in Gray’s Memorial Container Garden are flourishing – I spend time there each morning in meditation. The garden now attracts a various assortment of honey bees, butterflies and humming birds. – all of which surprise and delight me when I see them out there.


And my Goofing Off would not be complete without these 4 Hooligans who keep me constantly entertained – I snapped these pics just now – top to bottom – Laser, Spot, Jack, and Millie.


Sunday is a good day to stop and reflect on the fact that I am so fortunate and richly blessed with the life I have here. I am truly filled with gratitude.

I hope you take a little time to Goof Off in your life too – it can be so refreshing!

Sending you all my Love and Light. Stay Safe. Stay Smart. Stay Sane. Stay Strong out there.

Until next time …