Amazon Prime Binge-Watching


Sunday, May 3, 2020 – Day 48 of my quarantine.

I REALLY enjoyed the first season of “UPLOAD” and I HOPE that it continues into a second season. Great storyline, great concept, great acting – it had everything – murder, mystery, romance, humor, intrigue. A perfect combination for me!

The next series I delved into was –


I am still finishing this one – about to begin episode 5. It is very dark, dismal, and edited in an extremely slow-paced way that at times is distracting. But I really dig the Retro Post Apocolyptic Dieselpunk / Distopian look and feel of the series. It makes me want to get back to work on my book, “Intersection.”


I’m loving taking this weekend break away from reality. I may extend it for a few more weeks. I do not do well with all the negativity, ignoramce and hostility found in the world today. And now, more than ever, the evil just echos and feeds-off itself from all areas. I see so many ignorant and gullible people perpetuating far-fetched conspiracy theories and lies – and, while normally this is a really bad thing, NOW it is getting people killed. Sadly, the people spreading these deadly bites of misinformation are so very committed to the lies that they spread, they refuse to open their eyes and cannot even be educated. So – once again I must step away from all of it.  Whatever is about to happen to our planet – will have to do so without anymore involvement or public comentary from me.

Time for another cup of  coffee and some time in the sun. Hope you are enjoying a relaxing Sunday too.

Sending you all my Love and Light. Stay Safe. Stay Smart. Stay Strong out there.

Until next time …