142 Blood Glucose Level


Day 48 Supplemental

(Above) Frozen Lake in the Ninth Circle of Hell depicted by artist Gustave Dore.

Ninth Circle (Treachery)

In Dante Alighieri’s long poem Inferno, Dante imagines that he is being led through Hell by the famous Roman poet Virgil. In Dante’s imagining of Hell, there are nine concentric circles, meaning one circle within the other. Each circle has different punishments that are based on the sin that a person commits. As Dante and Virgil move through the circles towards the center, the punishments get worse. The people who are sent to the inner circles have committed the worst sins. The Ninth Circle is the final and innermost circle, reserved for the worst kinds of sinners. Among those – People who betray each other for money.

I bet you are wondering what a Blood Glucose level of 142 has to do with Dante’s vision of the 9th circle of hell…

Today, this very afternoon – is the first time I’ve had a BG level under 250 in over 3 months. 

My Blood Glucose level is finally dropping into safe margins because I finally relented to PAY the pharmaceutical company that makes Januvia the outrageous sum they were demanding for their drug.  In exchange for my continued life, eyesight and kidney function. It was my deal with the Devil, in a manner of speaking.

Being an avid Mythology student for over 45 years now, I tend to see things through the eyes of story, allegory, folklore, and myth.

I honestly FEEL like I’ve been wandering through the various rings of hell during these last 48 days of the Pandemic  – and watched so much unbelievable destruction, corruption, and insanity in the world around me.

But for me – for right now – this journey through hell is over. My body will begin to return to a healthy state as well as my chances for a more prolonged life WITH eyesight, mobility and kidney function.

Now I can truly begin looking ahead again – allowing myself to commit to longer-form projects and goals. And it feels wonderful.

Sending you all my Love and Light. Stay Safe. Stay Smart. Stay Strong out there.

Until next time …

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