Saturday Day 47

The Ether Bunny.jpg

Happy Saturday Readers! As some of you may have noticed I can, at times, possess a very dark and disturbing sense of humor. It’s a gift. No need to thank me. I inherited it from my dearly departed mentor and soul mate whom I never met – Edward Gorey.


So here we are on Day 47, the weather here has been spectacular – sunny with light breezes and mild temps in the mid 70’s. I spent quite a bit of time in my garden yesterday sitting in the sun listening to Electro Swing and sipping coffee. If you’re curious about Electro Swing – I’m going to leave a link at the bottom of this post to a choice collection I found.

Welcome to my newest subscribers. I hope you find my content informative and entertaining. Please check out the rest of the website as well. Lots of goodies.

Currently, in the studio, I’m busy building a new website for resources and tutorials for creators using the Second Life platform. This will be similar to the Creator Resource Pages I recently added to this website here.

Mysterious Mechanic Catalog Cover3

Well, that’s about all I have today. Don’t forget to dance …

Sending you all my Love and Light. Stay Safe. Stay Smart. Stay Strong out there.

Until next time …