Finding Joy Amidst Chaos & Disaster


April 21, 2020 – Day 36 of my quarantine.

As of this writing, 171,249 people have lost their lives to COVID19. 42,906 of them were in my country, the United States.

DISCLAIMER: Besides my following statement I am not going to give any time or space here to the “toboggan ride of disaster” that is happening out there in the “Real World” right now with a group of severely mentally disturbed people, less than 0.001% of the American population,  who have begun publicly “protesting” by endangering lives around them and calling the Global Pandemic a “hoax”.  I have 2 reasons for this –  #1. I have a really bad ‘gut feeling’ about what’s going to happen to them. #2. We all know where this started and who is stoking the sick, perverted media fire that is egging them on. But there is a way we can take action to stop this – Take Fox News off the air. (click the link below and sign the petition.)

Shout Out to Lady GaGa et al – Her televised event, One World Together at Home raised 128 MILLION Dollars for the World Health Organization and Frontline Healthcare workers around the world.


Now about my Joy …


One of the things on my creative bucket list was to do something using Art Deco design elements. Another thing on my creative bucket list was to build a virtual Theater. Thus, I have combined them …


I am busy ‘gutting’ a virtual theater structure to turn it into my Art Deco vision –

Mind's Eye Theater_001Mind's Eye Theater_002

This is what it’s all about for me right now. Indulging my every creative whim, sans the need for profit or notoriety. Just doing things because they feel good and satisfy me personally.

Speaking of feeling good – I have discovered ElectroSwing and I fucking LOVE it!

Sending you all my Love and Light – Stay Strong and Stay Safe out there.

Until next time …