Life Lessons


April 8, 2020 – Day 22 of my quarantine.

So far this week I’ve had a couple strong reminders of this – and that is –

Unless I have gone out of my way to hurt or anger someone –

I am not responsible for other people’s beliefs, feelings or actions.


This is a lesson I truly got driven home to me in my later years. I spent so much of my early life “people-pleasing”, always worried about how I “made” others feel or how I “looked” in their eyes – and all of that nonsense is such a complete waste of time and energy.

One of my favorite personal mantras is –

“What people think about me is none of my business.”

I want to close this blog post by saying a special R.I.P. to John Prine who just passed away from Coronavirus – I recently featured this on another post and wanted to reshare it –


Sending you all my Love and Light – stay safe out there.

Until next time …