The Importance of Your Dreams & Goals

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April 6, 2020 – Day 20 of my quarantine.

I want to get back to talking about creativity. Because I miss talking to you about it.  And dreams are where it all starts, really. We have a dream, an inspiration, a notion, something we want to aspire to – and so we begin doing the work required to bring it to fruition.

All of this is wonderful, exciting and magical – and then, caught up in the excitement of seeing our dream begin to take shape we do this – We share it with someone else. Why? Because we want to share this wonderfully magical thing that we are bringing into the world. We want to hear our friends and colleagues tell us how clever we are, how creative we are, how talented we are. How fantastic our new creation is!

My hard-won advice to you is – Just Don’t. 

Don’t tell anyone. Don’t show anyone. 

If you want to enjoy YOUR dream and enjoy the process of building it – keep it to yourself. There will be plenty of time for accolades and critical acclaim once it is FINISHED.  

The Importance of unfettered PLAY in creativity –

By doing this you get to retain that magical quality of play which I believe is so key to the creative process. For me, it’s a lot like being a young child again, playing with my Tinker-Toys and Lincoln Logs – my mind is totally open to every idea, every whim of pure inspiration. There are NO limits to my imagination in this stage of creativity because there is no one telling me what I CAN’T ACCOMPLISH, POINTING OUT PITFALLS THEY PERCEIVE or telling me why I SHOULDN’T ACCOMPLISH IT, or, even more pathetically, copying my dream and claiming it as their own.

The Bottom line – Don’t share your BIG DREAMS with small-minded people. This applies to small dreams as well.

There is another important reason to keep your dreams to yourself  – When you TELL SOMEONE what your goal is – you make it LESS LIKELY TO HAPPEN. This 3-minute video explains why –

When I referred to this earlier as “hard-won advice”, that was an understatement. It took me forever to get this lesson. I undermined my own happiness and joy in my creative dreams countless times. Because I failed to honor myself, my dreams, and the source from which they came.

I hope these insights will be of help to you.

Sending you all my Love and Light –

Until next time …