How This All Began

April 4, 2020 – Day 18 of my quarantine.

Please Stop supporting the killing and eating of wild and endangered animals. Have a salad instead. 

As this horrific time wears on and on and on and on and on I find I have to really work hard to suppress my sarcasm towards willfully ignorant, anti-science idiots. Especially those in government and religious leadership positions who are getting us killed by the thousands, like lambs being slaughtered at the altar of Narcissistic Ego. Maybe it’s time to create the “Darwin Awards – World Edition?”

As I watch this global train wreck unfold in slow motion – it becomes more and more difficult for me to repress some of the less attractive feelings I experience. I wonder what we are supposed to do with these feelings at this time?


Sending you all my Love and Light –

Until next time …

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