Power, Self Esteem and Potential


April 1, 2020 – Day 15 of my quarantine.

This morning I was having my morning chat with my life partner and we were talking about the promises we made to our child selves when we were growing-up. Because I grew up in poverty brought about by financially irresponsible alcoholic parents, most of my promises were about “SECURITY & STUFF” – I promised myself that I would NEVER live in poverty when I was of age to be in charge of my life. That I would find a job and work hard and save my money so that what happened to my parents would NEVER happen to me.

My next promise was about “STUFF” – I wanted the best stereo system I could buy, I wanted all the music I could buy, I wanted books – hundreds of books, all the books I could read and more. I wanted art supplies – thousands of art supplies and MOST of all I wanted a HOME of my OWN. Because I had been ripped from the only home I knew, my childhood home in the Adirondacks of NY when I was around 9 years old due to the bankruptcy brought about by my parent’s inability to handle money.

When I look around my life today – I must admit, I kept ALL of those promises. The final one, this house, was fulfilled 3 years ago.

But, as Carolin says in this chat – after we get through the “COLLECTING STUFF” phase – we enter a whole new phase by expanding our self-esteem base from being “stuff-based” to being “spiritually based”.

None the less, ALL of these things were based on CHOICE. And that has now been taken away from us.

We don’t get to choose anymore. And that makes some of us really angry, (like the woman I encountered a couple days ago) it makes some of us really frustrated, it makes some of us really sad or fearful or depressed – however …

Our Highest Potential right now is to HELP ONE ANOTHER GET THROUGH THIS.  That’s it – that’s all it is. 

So I hope you will join me in doing what you can from wherever you are to lighten someone else’s day.  It doesn’t have to be world-shaking feats – nothing flashy is required to usher us into that New World we are hurtling towards – as an example, here are some things I do –

I write this blog every day and do my best to share uplifting and informative content.

I thank EVERY PERSON I encounter when I go to outside to the store or the Dr. – I THANK THEM for being there for me – for having the courage to go to work and put themselves in harm’s way so that I can buy a can of green beans. 

I check on my neighbors regularly. I give them a call or send an email. I always try to include something humorous.

Every day at 3:00PM I stop and say a short prayer for the world. I belong to a growing, worldwide group of people who now do this. We just all say a prayer when it becomes 3:00PM wherever we are. The time is irrelevant – it just serves as a daily reminder.

I refuse to share or publish shocking, fearful or frightening information. This does no one any good. When people do it to me I immediately ask them not to and direct them to the CDC or WHO websites.

I remember to be KIND in all situations possible. And if I find that I cannot be kind – I simply walk away.  Conversely, and I cannot stress this enough, if someone chooses to treat me with unkindness or indifference – I immediately walk away from them and close that door. Because while I may have had the time and patience for ill-treatment in the past, I no longer have any time and patience for it now.

I hope this post finds you all well. As always, I am sending you all my Love and Light –

Until next time …

I recently sent this to my life partner and I think it’s a message I’d like to share with all of you – You are ALL Amazing and We’ll Be Okay –