My Trip To The Clinic & Decon Guidelines


March 31, 2020 – Evening  14 of my quarantine.

As I stated in the last post – I had to visit the clinic this morning to have my blood re-drawn after my Dr. discovered the lab had fucked-up my tests.

So I dutifully went at 8:00AM when the doors opened. I had on my mask and gloves.

About 50% of the nurses I could see in the intake area were NOT wearing face masks. Some of them were also not wearing gloves.

The nurse who took my temperature, with an oral thermometer, asked me to REMOVE my mask – she was NOT wearing a mask either.

The Nurse who processed my lab intake – she was also NOT wearing a mask.

Well, there you have it. That’s the state of affairs up here in butt-fuck meth town California. It could very well be that they simply do NOT have enough supplies.

Needless to say, this was quite anxiety-producing for me. I did call my Dr.’s office and mention what I had observed after I returned home and decontaminated.

Anyway – I wanted to share with you what I have to go through every time I leave my house and come back home. After being verbally attacked last night,  I get the feeling that some of you may think that I have it really easy here or that I am somehow NOT taking this seriously because I choose to mainly share positive information on my blog. Rest assured, nothing could be further from the truth. As someone at the highest risk level for potential infection, I have to do a lot of stuff I’d rather not be doing just to pick up some fucking groceries.

It’s the return home that takes about an hour or more to process through –

1. I wear a P95 mask and Nitrile gloves. (fortunately, I have both on hand due to my work) 
2. Once back home from shopping, wipe all packages down with a 10% bleach/water solution in my staging area in the garage.
3. After entering the house go directly into the bathroom and remove ALL my
clothes – without shaking them – I bundle them in a towel and put them directly in the washer- and then –
4. Take a hot shower, scrubbing myself thoroughly.
5. Wash and dry exposed clothes immediately in the laundry.
6. Wipe down my keys, wallet, shoes, glasses, vape – anything I may have been carrying with me outside the house with the 10% bleach solution.
7. Wipe down the outside of the P95 Mask with the 10% solution. I cannot afford to throw it out.
8. Discard the gloves.
9. Put the decontaminated groceries away.
I’ll leave you with one of my favorite Bowie songs – so appropriate for my day…

Sending you all my Love and Light –

Until next time …