You Are Not Alone

I want to tell you something and I hope you let it sink in –

We are on the verge of a whole New World here. We are. And I know you are scared – hell, I am scared sometimes too. But here’s the thing …

We were not built for the status quo, you and I Dear Reader. We were built to evolve and grow – it’s what we do.  It’s in our specie’s DNA and our dreams and our consciousness. Search your feelings – you already KNOW this.

Many of us will perish delivering this message – many of us we will be overwhelmed with grief – we will begin questioning everything we believed and THAT is where it will start. The spark of realization … the seed of uncertainty …

We are ALL connected here. ALL of us. 

There never were any separations – we created ALL of them in order to feel safe and in control  – but look around you right now … seriously, look …

Are you in control right now? Are you safe? 

No, you are not.

And you never were. We’ve been drunk on the illusion of control for a long time. But it’s only been JUST an illusion.

The answers are not out there. They are not on the nightly news or Facebook.  They are IN you. All the answers, all the wisdom of our species and the Universe is already IN you.

Start looking there. Get quiet and ask the questions. The answers are all there. Everything you need to know to get through this is IN you.

And when you learn how to do this – teach others. Teach your children how to do this. Because in the New World they will need to know how to do this.

I know that one life can seem or feel so insignificant, but you have no idea who your words or deeds may touch along the way. You have no idea the impact you have when you smile at a stranger or are kind to someone for no reason. What we do and what we are both resonate into the Universe in ways we can not begin to comprehend.

Turn off the TV and please – Listen to that still, small voice within.

We are creating a Whole New World now. Let’s create a good one.

Sending you all my Love and Light –

Until next time…

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