Don’t Let Your Anger Make You Deaf


I wasn’t going to share this here – but I think my experience was valid and maybe some good will come of sharing it.

I got a call from my Dr. yesterday, some blood tests that were done 3 weeks ago were handled incorrectly by the lab and this morning, in less than 2 hours, I have to go to the clinic (where all the sick people are) and have my blood drawn again.

I will not lie to you – I am feeling pretty scared and very anxious about this.

Because I was feeling this way last night I logged into my virtual social community just to see if any of my friends were available to talk or hangout. Because feeling scared is so much easier if you are with someone and not feeling alone. I wasn’t planning on telling anyone WHY I was looking for company – I just casually went down my list of friends and said “Hi” – “Hope you’re doing okay ” – in a lighthearted way.

What I stumbled upon really surprised me. Indifference, anger, and viciousness. One woman from Australia was so angry at me for daring to display a positive attitude she began yelling at me – seriously, going off on me – in fact she was ranting so much that when I tried to tell her I had logged on just to talk to someone because I was feeling scared about this morning – she could not even hear me. I ended up having to unfriend and block her just to stop the verbal assault.

Now, I get it – some of you may be very angry right now – faced with something you cannot control. Anger is your “go-to” emotion. It gives you the feeling of “instant control”.

But I’d like to propose something to you – this intense anger and rage you are feeling may be masking something else – hiding other feelings that are REALLY at the root of your discomfort. And those are – despair, sadness, fear, and grief.

I know this because I use anger as a cover for those feelings too. It works perfectly for a while but is not sustainable. It keeps all those REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE feelings at bay – it keeps people at a distance and it gives you the illusion of control and a feeling of mastery over your life. You are ANGRY AND IN CHARGE! GRRRRR!!

However – there are a lot of people out here, like me, who really need you right now. We need you to be kind and gentle and take 5 minutes out of your life to say “Hi” and just be with us in the present moment WITHOUT yelling at us, demeaning or scaring us.  We are not the problem – we are not the virus – we are just people – exactly like you. And we just need some connection to another person.

So, before you explode in someone’s face like a “Human Anger Grenade” or blow someone off in complete indifference to their humanity – maybe just pause, take a breath and think about the impact you are having on another life.

We are ALL being affected by what’s happening right now and none of us can possibly know what another person may be struggling with.  So let’s all Be Kind to one another. 

Sending you all my Love and Light –

Until next time …