Identity Theft, Instant Karma and Surreal Conversations Across the World


stolen ID.jpgMarch 30, 2020 – Day 13 of my quarantine.

The person who stole my Identity earlier this month apparently was unable to get the credit card sent to THEIR address so it defaulted to MY address instead. Now, that’s some funny shit. I had a good laugh over this. Talk about Instant Karma. LOL

Identity Theft is no laughing matter though. I’ve had to hire an Identity Theft Protection company to secure all my personal, financial and business data and rearrange a lot of my online life and accounts. Not to mention the hands-on Bank and Postal added security stuff that had to be done.

Including my McAfee computer protection. I installed it on my new laptop and added it to my account this morning and ran into some trouble. Because McAfee’s offices are not open due to the pandemic, everyone is working from home and phone wait times are astronomical.

So – I ended-up text chatting with Sreeraj in India.

It wasn’t like a normal tech chat with a software support call center – Sreeraj and I were each concerned that the other was staying safe and healthy – there was a warmth between us during our conversation (that went on almost an hour, trying to sort everything out) that I have never encountered before on a call like this.  It was surreal. Seriously surreal.

Could it be this is a taste of the New World we are entering?  People, complete total strangers, honestly caring about each other from all corners of the earth. People recognizing that this light they see in the ‘other’ is the same as their own – the acknowledgment of what a small planet we inhabit – we are ALL neighbors here and we must take care of one another.

I pray this is so. I hope it is so. Because the feelings of compassion and kindness I felt between myself and Sreeraj, a complete stranger in India, were palpable.

Sending my Love and Light to all of you –

Until next time …