Dear Ignorant People


Out my window – another cold, dreary, rainy day in Northern California.

March 24, 2020. Day 7 of my quarantine.

I am 65. I have type 2 diabetes and stage 3 kidney disease. I may die from any number of things – but one thing’s for damn sure –  I will NOT die from the ignorance of other people.

This is a message to all you folks out there that think this is some kind of party or a joke. To those of you who think you are invincible or are convinced, like the village idiot we currently have for a president, that this is going to blow over in a week or two.

Y’all need to “wake-up, Dorothy.” You’re not in Kansas anymore. In fact, you’re never going to go BACK to Kansas. Kansas only exists in your rearview mirror. And I’m really sorry to be the one who has to break this to you – things are never going to go “back to normal.” 

Your ignorance, your arrogance, and your bombastic hubris are putting ALL OF US at greater risk, especially people like me who have little chance of survival if infected.

Assuming you can interpret simple charts and graphs – here are a couple based on World Health Organization data. Do these charts indicate to you that things are getting better?


So, I’d really appreciate it if you’d stop running around spreading this virus. Sit your ass down at home and stay there. 


Until next time …

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