Virtual PTSD?

MM Entering Reallife.jpg

I’ve been working in both studios this morning, going back and forth with materials, tools, and ideas – so many damned ideas. And I began thinking about the Mysterious Mechanic – my virtual nom de plume business name, and I suddenly realised that the reason I no longer talk about any of my studio projects here is that I had so many damned virtual project ideas stolen from me in Second Life. It happened so often it became predictable. Yet, none the less traumatizing.

So now that I am moving ALL my creativity and ideas into Real Life – I am reluctant to talk to ANYONE about ANYTHING.

Objectively this is completely irrational and ridiculous, yet,  it is very real for me inside my head.

I just became consciously aware this morning that I don’t even discuss project ideas with my life partner or my closest friends or family anymore … which is also absurdly ridiculous. But, there you have it. For whatever reason, this has turned into an irrational fear – a phobia. The closest approximation would be “Harpaxophobia”, which is the irrational fear of being robbed.

Since this blog is supposed to be where I talk about my projects and ideas … I’m not sure where this is going to go either … LOLOLOL

Like so many things that are happening now – all I can do is shake my head in disbelief – a friend sent me this today, I find it so fitting –


I guess time will tell and we shall see.

Until next time …