Moving Into the Glass Studio


Above: My naughty little pneumatic engraver holder.

March 20, 2020

By now most of you know that all residents of California have been mandated to a “Shelter in Place” order – which for me means I get to work uninterrupted for days and days, and days. My Dr. and my Dentist’s offices called and canceled all my upcoming appointments. Leaving my calendar free, free, free.

I’ve been in quarantine at home since March 17th.  It is a bit of a pain not being able to run to Walmart to pick up needed supplies – so everything is taking a few days longer to get done because I have to order things from them online as well as Amazon and Home Depot.

The new studio room is done for the most part. I am waiting on a peg-board assembly for one wall that will arrive from Home Depot next week. The new air compressor is an aluminum tanked, oilless compressor. It has been installed and tested – it runs whisper-quiet and super cool. I am adding soundproofing tiles and a ventilation fan to the closet where it will be housed so it will be even quieter.



There are a few orders of blank crystal and glass on the way and I’m excited to get working on these new pieces. The first few pieces are already being designed as well as an experimental project that is TOP SECRET!  More on that another day.

I love how bright and filled with light the new studio is during both day and night.

The new Bluetooth sound system is also being installed in here as well as the rest of the house and will be run by a dedicated music server in the form of a Dell Inspiron laptop.  I hope to have that project done in a couple weeks.

I want to end today’s post by saying that I have really been emotionally moved by some of the videos that have been made by my artist mentors and colleagues.  Just simple messages of hope and sharing – reminding us that none of us are alone in this.

Wishing you peace, faith, and hope.

Until next time …