Toilet Paper


This photo was taken at my local Walmart yesterday.

March 15, 2020

I had to run to Walmart yesterday to pick-up some primer, as I had underestimated my wall’s ability to soak-up the expensive paint I had originally bought.

Passing the paper aisle I, along with a few of my neighbors, stopped to take a photo with our cell phones and laugh together. It was like a little fabric tear had opened in the dark and dreary curtain of trepidatious fear that has blanketed America lately.

“Why toilet paper?” I asked. “This is not an intestinal virus, it’s supposedly an upper respiratory virus.”

One woman piped up and volunteered that she had heard it was the Chinese who were hoarding all the toilet paper because THEY were using it like paper towels to clean the “germs” off surfaces and flush them down the toilet.

Another man spoke up and said he had heard that it was Hispanics …

Still, another mumbled something about “Europeans” …

I smiled as I listened to these stories, thinking to myself how humorous it was that these folks were spinning narratives regarding toilet paper consumption that were somehow based on National Origin and Race. Was this because it’s one of the easiest and most expeditious ways to categorize, separate and label human beings?

The “Other” as a threat to the status quo of the “Perceived Whole” is a tried and true social-psychological coping mechanism.

My cousin in New Hampshire shared with me a couple days ago that there was NO toilet paper left in her entire state!

tp larger.jpg

Was it the Russians? Al-Qaeda? Possibly Aliens from outer space?!?!? Who? WHO?!? WHO IS BUYING ALL OUR TOILET PAPER?!?!?!

I’ll leave you now on this, my rainy Sunday morning, to work all that out amongst yourselves. Alas, I must finish my coffee and return to work to face my scariest nemesis – the unfinished, primered ceiling.

Until next time …

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