Painting Begins

My Painter’s helpers are busy at work as I prep the trim and edges … nobody warned me that trying to paint a room with 4 rambunctious young cats might prove a bit challenging. I finally had to ask them all to leave the room. Which was not a popular request with the kids.

I was reflecting on a couple things I’ve done in the past that people said I was crazy for doing – and that I am now SO DAMN GLAD I did.

#1. I got completely out of the stock market when I retired.

#2. I took in these 4 kittens.

I have no idea why the ceiling in this room is so dark. (4th pic down) But it’s about to get a lot brighter. I am painting with Behr Ultra Pure White. It is the Brightest White paint on the market.  Because of my cataracts, my visual perception of light has dimmed a bit and so I like to have a lot of light in my environments. I switched to Day Light LED bulbs last year which made a big difference and improvement.

I have always loved big, open, light-filled spaces in buildings. This is why I fell in love with the vaulted ceiling in the main area of this house that connects the living room and kitchen. I call it the Great Room because it sounds so very fancy and impressive – hahaha! The very first thing I do when the sun begins to rise each morning is to open all the blinds and let the sun come streaming in. It feels very healing to me.

Speaking of healing – I got the BlueTooth sound system working and – WOW – how amazing to have music wafting throughout the house!

I’ve picked out some stunning new Oriental carpets for the house and was actually able to find the exact replacement for the 8×10  living room rug by using a Google Reverse Image Search on a picture of it I remembered I had in my Second Life files. I’ve also ordered the living room clock I have ALWAYS wanted since I was first on my own at 18 – a Regulator – it harkens back to train stations and schoolhouses from bygone years. I never wanted to spend the money on one – but now it’s like – I’ll be 65 in 3 days, what the hell am I waiting for? LOL


Here’s my beloved Oscar on that rug the day it was delivered 3 years ago – we were both so happy and excited to be moving into this big, beautiful space after having lived in 400 square feet for so many years. The color of this rug is simply stunning and I received so many compliments on it. I can’t wait to have it back in my home again.

Oscar and new Rug.jpg


Well, that’s all the news of note for now – I’ll leave you with some extremely contented & relaxed cat photos from around the house …

Spot Sleep Pose #375.jpg



Until next time …