New Beginnings

March 9, 2020

Morning sunlight streams into the living room at The House of the Traveling Moon finding its way to my sleepy little family –

The Boys – Jack (left) and Spot (right) 


The Girls – Millie (back) and Laser (front)  –

morning girls.jpg

Begining over after the eviction of my tenant and her dog feels a lot like moving in here for the first time ALL OVER AGAIN  – a lot of deep cleaning, 6 loads of laundry, a $90.00 hauling fee to have her bed and the other damaged stuff taken to the dump,  and incurring the cost of purchasing 4 replacement carpets, as the dog had used all my original rugs as her bathroom, etc.

This one photo tells the whole rug story …



The renter also took it upon herself to dump rice off my front porch, apparently in a vindictive effort to attract mice back into the house. I had eradicated a mouse infestation the first year I lived here. 

I discovered the rice the next day and shoveled the entire area out and carried it out to the roadside. The area where I dumped it is now a favorite snacking spot for birds who discovered the tasty treat. Although a mouse did enter the house through a hole which I had previously sealed and had mysteriously become uncovered, Jack quickly caught it and I removed it from the house and resealed the hole with steel wool and duct tape. Good boy, Jack. Here are photos of the rice dump. –

There were several other minor “micro-aggressions” and odd pilferings I needed to deal with in the wake of her departure but the worst of it was the refrigerator –

starting over blog.jpg

I had allocated much of the kitchen and cooking to my renter and I had really not been paying attention to what was going on as I was spending most of my time in the studio … well, I paid the price in full for that. The brackets that supported the crisper drawer rollers had been broken, totally destroyed, and an unknown liquid had spilled down into the base of the fridge, under the crisper drawers and had been cultivating a fuzzy mold growth that had actually sprouted tendril-like hairs. The door shelves were covered with sticky remnants of condiments and god knows what else. I spent 7 hours yesterday disassembling the entire refrigerator piece by piece, scrubbing and disinfecting each part and reassembling it.  In one area I actually had to resort to using acetone to remove whatever had become stuck to the surface. I threw out all the contents of the fridge except my glaucoma medication (in the butter keeper). I will call the appliance store to see if I can purchase the bottom brackets and roller assembly replacement parts. This fridge is only 3 years old. I bought it brand new when I moved into the house.

Suffice it to say I will never allow anyone to stay in my home ever again. The locksmith will be here tomorrow to install all new locks on all the exterior doors.

It’s been exhausting dealing with all this but it is so very worth it. I have my home back. The cats have a peaceful, safe place to live. We are all happy and content and I am very, very grateful. This could have been so much worse. I count my blessings.

20200309_200802 (1).jpg

And now I begin work on what will be the new glass engraving studio. The new air compressor and rolling racks arrived a couple days ago and the new rug is due tomorrow so once I repaint the room everything will be ready to move in. I will be designing and building the water drip system myself (to keep the glass dust out of the air as I work) in this area I’m following in the footsteps of my online mentor from England, Lesley Pyke. If the drip system is effective I will not need to also build an air extractor. But time and application will tell.

Oscar Gray Plaque Mock-up.jpg

The studio will have a glass dedication plaque to the 2 beloved felines whose lives were cut short by my bad decision making and poor judgment. They were each a great gift in my life and their presence and now absence has irrevocably changed the course of my life and art forever.

Until next time …