Happiness is a Choice


March 6, 2020

I have returned from my hiatus and want to share with you some major life changes. After Gray’s untimely death, which profoundly affected me on many levels, I needed to take some time to meditate and re-order certain parts of my life which were simply not working and making me increasingly unhappy. I believe happiness is a choice and if one finds that they are not happy it is solely their own responsibility to change things in order to become happy once again.

The major changes I’ve instituted are –

1. I evicted my renter and her dog. They left today. Prior to renting to them 2 years ago, I lived alone for 30 years and I am simply much happier doing so. I cherish my solitude, privacy and space.

2. I deactivated all my social media accounts 2 weeks ago. (I continue to not watch or read any news that does not directly affect me. I am monitoring local health news regarding the COVID 19 virus.)

3. Both I and my life partner chose to shut down our virtual businesses and leave Second Life for the most part. Instead of building virtual things I am now building real things in real life. I find this so much more rewarding, grounding and fulfilling.

4. I have built an herb and flower container garden in my backyard where Gray once lived – I’ve named it, “Gray’s Garden.” It has been a very healing project for me and now when I look out there when I am working in the studio I will see beauty and be reminded to focus on her trusting, loving feline nature and celebrate her short time with me rather than regret her loss. See the project photos below.

5. I am renovating the room I was renting out and turning it into my new glass engraving studio. I am also installing a Blue Tooth speaker system throughout the house so it can be filled with music. My initial vision for my new home when I moved in 3 years ago was to have it be a place filled with joy, creativity, light, and music – I am now returning to that original plan.

6. I reconnected with a beloved family member whom I’d been estranged from and it has been profoundly emotionally rewarding.

7. I have become a Literacy Tutor for my county’s Library System. I find the work very rewarding. In addition to this, I have begun reaching out more to my community – neighbors, local vendors and professionals and forming new friendships. It feels wonderful to do so.

8. I started Medicare this month and also have a new Doctor who I really like. She has a great positive attitude that matches my own. She is helping me look into the issues of sciatica that have been bothering me over the past year and also helping me with some affordability issues on my Diabetes medications.

I am not going into any details of how and why all these things came about – it suffices to say that they are all part of my own natural evolution and continued personal growth.

In the weeks to come, I will be sharing more on the renovation and new studio and what I plan to produce there.

Here are some photos of Gray’s Garden project –

Gray's Garden.jpg

Until next time …