A Fox in the Forest

Since I am no longer using the virtual world to build or create – I wanted to do some experiments in it – some things I’ve always wanted to do but never did because I was always so preoccupied with “creating and building things”.

I always wanted to see the world through the eyes and heart of a wild animal – not just be one in visual appearance, but in all manner and expression – to dwell in the forests and meadows, hidden away in plain sight and go completely unnoticed by passers-by.  To be free to explore and wander without the cares or worries of a human being. To just be in the forest. To observe, be curious and totally uninvolved.

So I tried it this morning – and I can’t tell you what a wonderful experience it was. I became a little red fox for a while.









I had such an amazing time. And when I was done, I was so relaxed I had to go take a nap!  This is what virtual worlds are really for, I think. To experience something you could never experience anywhere else – to assume the identity of another species or travel to far off lands or other planets or time travel backwards or forwards. To exercise the imagination and experience the impossible.

I think that to imagine and play freely are the greatest gifts of childhood and I never gave them up.

I spoil my inner child. But, then again, I think everyone should.

Until next time …