How to Change the World

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The escalating assault on animals, nature and our planet – as well as disenfranchised humans, is brought about by the ignorance, unconsciousness and ego delusion of those who have not awakened to the realization that all life is connected. We must view these people through the eyes of acceptance and compassion. Why? Because when we waste our energy reacting to ignorance, fear, negativity and darkness all we are doing is feeding it and helping it to grow stronger. What we resist persists.

I think we can each begin to change the world by first changing ourselves. When we raise our individual level of conscious awareness and presence we alter the collective energy of everything on the planet. All of us are putting energy into the global collective – we can begin to change things when we bring our own energy, based on compassion, conscious awareness, and presence into everything we do and every life we interact with.

Until next time …