Establishing Healthy Boundaries

If you are empathic, like me, the world in general can assail and drain you pretty quickly with it’s never-ending barrage of ignorance and negativity.  This is NOT the world’s fault – (fault-finding is produced by the illusion of duality – black & white, right & wrong)  It is each individual’s responsibility to take care of themselves and set personal boundaries that not only guard and protect their light but also nurture it.

Guard Your Light.jpg

I was recently taken-aback by a photo and article that a Facebook “friend”  put on Facebook – it dealt with extreme animal cruelty, slaughter and mutilation. I immediately unfriended and blocked this person. Having been visually subjected to that image, even for a split second, made me feel physically ill – on the verge of vomiting.

I have, many times, in the past, made it very clear that I DO NOT want to see things like that on my Facebook feed. But apparently my message has not gotten through,  so I created this graphic and posted it – Because being empathic does not equate to being PASSIVE. 


This experience yesterday brought to my mind this singular truth  – Being empathic does NOT MEAN one is passive. Maybe even more than others who are less empathic, it is vital that we actively guard our light and establish healthy,  robust boundaries and COMMUNICATE THEM to others CLEARLY, without any possible ambiguity.

I believe that for our own personal, optimum emotional health we must establish and enforce firm personal boundaries. 

Until next time …