Ending Tiresome Activities

The Neverending Dreamer by Cameron Gray.jpg

The Neverending Dreamer by Cameron Gray

I have gone through so many changes over the last month in my life and work as a creative person. Once I learned how to quiet my mind, remove the “noise”  and focus on what is important to the non-egoic me, the ideas I want to express, and the things I want to say through my art I began to awaken to a whole new way of creating.

Now I’m reaching the point where I can more clearly identify activities that are tiresome, draining, negative and offer me no fulfilment whatsoever. Activities that I’ve continued for no other reason than habitual reflex based on my ego’s comfort zone.

It’s time to say goodbye to these activities. It’s already happening to a degree very naturally, through much needed time management and studio priorities, but today I wanted to openly acknowledge it here. If for no other reason than to affirm and acknowledge this change for myself in writing.

Thus, I will no longer be engaging in creative activities for the virtual world of Second Life. My partner and I will continue to use the platform for our own amusement and entertainment as time allows, but that’s about it.

Until next time …