Well, it’s been quite a week and quite a morning – chasing down Medicare supplemental care plans Part D and Part G. Because at  $144.60 a month, PLUS paying into it for 45 years through my paycheck, Medicare does NOT cover most health costs and zero prescriptions. So why does everyone want fucking Medicare and think it’s so awesome?

Plus trying to activate a coupon from the Merck drug company so that Januvia does not cost me $519.00 for 30 pills.  Alas, “all our operators are busy with other customers – please enter your phone number and we’ll call you back …”  and then no one calls back. Same treatment I got from the California State Department of Medicare Advocacy … yes, yes, god yes, so much Advocacy!

(Luckily, I’ve been holding my own ever since I ran out of Januvia 2 weeks ago – by not eating any carbs at all and being judicious about drinking a minimum of 2 liters of water per day.)

I’ve dubbed this the NESS – Never Ending Shit Show – right up there with what I now call the political news, the SBS – Super Bowl of Stupid. By the way – I’ve not seen the news in 21 days now and how wonderful that feels! You gotta try it! Life affirming and  altering!

Enjoy your Friday! I know I’ll be enjoying the rest of mine!

Until next time ..