Best Anniversary Gift in the History of EVER!

83501664_1279134128942326_6725540321607811072_n.jpgMy partner sent me this to celebrate our first year Anniversary. I am so moved I am speechless.

I named it –

愛の木 Ai no ki

Which is Japanese for “Tree of Love”

Our actual anniversary is Feb 14th – Valentine’s Day and we will be celebrating the day by renewing our vows. She is the love of my life, my soulmate, my best friend, my secret pen pal, and the playmate I always wished I had when I was a little kid. My feelings for her are ineffable. Her love for me takes my breath away.

Just Wow.

I hope everyone finds this kind of love one day. It truly is once in a lifetime and for me, personally,  it was well worth waiting for.

She sent me this some time ago … and now I say it back to her –


Until next time …