Literacy Volunteer


One of the things I wanted to do for quite some time, even before I retired, was to become a Literacy Volunteer. I think teaching someone to read would really open their world to so many new ideas and possibilities. Being an obsessive bibliophile myself, I cannot even imagine how horrible it would be not to be able to read. So yesterday while running errands I inquired with the local Library here and obtained an application.

As much as I love working with and for animal’s welfare, volunteering at the ASPCA or local shelter would put me at greater risk of bites and scratches, which, as a diabetic could evolve into blood poisoning and complications. So I decided to rule that out as a volunteer activity.  Besides, much of my graphic art work currently revolves around endangered species and animal rights issues, thus I feel I am contributing to them as best I can.

I just finished filling-out the application and tossed a couple business cards into the envelope so that they can check me out on my website here should they need further info.

I’ve chosen Wednesday as my preferred volunteer day.

I’m excited about  this new opportunity!

Wherever you may be listening to this (if you do) turn it up really loud so that everyone around you can hear it too … make it an auditory love meme. 

Until next time …