Money Money Money … MONEY!!

2020 Budet DONE.jpg

I have always been a Calculator-Thumping Hard Core Prosteltizer of Personal Budgeting. 

Every year, at some point during January I sit down and take stock of what I have materially – all of it. I create a Budget for the new year and once it is created, I can use it to plan, project and test-out different spending and saving scenarios.

By engaging in this simple activity (some might call boring or tedious) I personally empower myself for the coming year. I reaffirm that I am in charge of my affairs, I gain peace of mind by ensuring that my accounts are all in good standing with everyone I do business with.

You don’t have to have a lot of money to feel financially powerful in your own life. You just need to exercise mastery over what you DO have by taking complete ownership of, and responsibility for your financial decisions. 

“If you don’t have control over your money, your money will have control over YOU.”


I am way too much of a control freak to allow money to make my decisions for me.


The most important  gift that making my annual budget gives me is the reminder that, while money is nice and certainly makes life easier, it is not a replacement for things like love, common sense, friendship, a purring cat, a dog’s wagging tail, hearing a child’s laughter, seeing wildlife thriving in their natural habitats, hearing about people getting clean water in their villages, planting trees, seeing someone smile, breathing fresh air, going for a walk, and feeling the sun on your face… to name a few.

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Until next time …