17 Days of Bliss


I have not watched the news or done a Facebook Scroll for 17 days and for 17 days I have:

[A.] Not Felt Depressed and Hopeless.

[B.] Not Felt Angry, Frustrated and Agitated.

[C.] Not Felt chronic lethargy & fatigue as if my life energy is being drained from me.

I wake up every morning feeling refreshed and happy with new ideas clear in my mind and can easily focus on the tasks at hand. I am more productive and happier throughout each day than I have been in years.

The feelings of constant tiredness, brain fog, lethargy and painful inflammation in my joints and muscles has decreased by 90% – the arthritis in my hands is completely gone. And although a diet free of carbohydrates and gluten along with drinking a minimum of 2 liters of water a day does play a part in all this, I am convinced that changing the energy that I subject myself to on a daily basis has had the most fundamental impact.

If you are interested in knowing more about this and how I came to learn about it – it was through the work of  the Dr. featured in this informative pod-cast and others like it – all of this information is freely available on YouTube and elsewhere –

What I have learned about myself through this 17 days has been eye-opening, to say the least.

If you are feeling tired all the time for no real physical reason , or any of the other things I listed earlier in this post – I highly recommend you take a look at this in your own life.

For me it meant sitting down and seriously identifying the Narcissists and Narcissistic/Sociopathic Systems in my life, even the very subtle ones, identifying how I fed them with my energy and what patterns I had established that kept me in the role of “food” for them – and then changing those patterns of interaction. Taking myself from the role of a “feeding source” to instead become someone Narcissists  just choose to bypass in order to go find someone with tastier energy.

It also meant resting more. More quiet time and time with nothing but positive energy around me.  I replaced waking-up and immediately reading or watching the news or social media to listening to my favorite uplifting music and doing gentle stretching exercises to move the lymph to aid cleaning out my system.  In a couple weeks I am also planing on adding Tai Chi Chih, which was a practice I did 30 years ago which was amazingly transformative for me. It is a simpler gentler form of Tai Chi for people like me who are older and  may have some balance issues – lolol


Little changes over time have made such a positive impact on my life. But making it a priority to take care of myself instead of constantly trying to take care of others has made the greatest shift. Draining my own energy in order to feed others has never been a good strategy. Identifying where the energy leaks are and stopping them at their root is a radical thing to do – but it is so effective.

This includes saying “No” to projects, people and activities that do not interest me or do not “feel right” to me intuitively.  It also includes being more sensitive and responsive  to my “gut feelings” about people, places and things.

Until next time …