The Sphere

The Sphere AD.jpg

(Actual photo of The Outside of the Sphere seen from virtual space)

The newest part of DesignHaus Gallery – “The Sphere” is my most ambitious virtual build to date. A spherical performance venue where there will be a particle, light & laser show themed with special holographic effects for some of the music. It will hold a maximum of 25 avatars per performance. Each show will last 1 hour – for special fundraising events the show will then be followed by an hour of themed dance music.

I first had this idea many years ago after attending an “Odd Ball” put on by one of the older residents of Second Life. I liked his ideas but had a lot more of my own and so,  it sat in the back of my mind where I nurtured it until I felt competent enough as a builder to attempt it.

The Sphere’s inner surface is programed with changeable, animated textures and the floor is laid out with 4 normal sized dance floors (which are also separately animated) siting on a transparent floor allowing participants to see down to the opposite inner surface of the Sphere. This effect is both startling and disconcerting and without the dancefloors it evokes a great deal of motion sickness.

Rotating counter to each other around the inner perimeter are 2 giant semi-transparent  rings that change tones based on the spot light and  laser light colors – because, why not? hahahaha


The center of the Sphere is where the control platform is, from there I operate all music, lights, lasers, dance floors, movement, fog and particle emitters.

sphere 1222020_014

sphere 1222020_015.png

sphere 1222020_008sphere 1222020_007sphere 1222020_006sphere 1222020_005sphere 1222020_004sphere 1222020_003sphere 1222020_002sphere 1222020_001sphere 1222020_009.pngsphere 1222020_013.png

sphere 1222020_012.png

In case you are wondering what Psybient Music is – (Psychedelic + Ambient) – The genre  has quite a range from down-tempo (chill and trance)  to upbeat dance (dubstep) – and is one of my favorite types of music. Here’s an example –

To say this build is ambitious, is an understatement. It is pushing me to learn new ways of scripting and programming light and movement. It is challenging to be sure – but the MOST fun I’ve ever had building in 8 years.

I hope to have my first test performance in 1 – 4 weeks. I’ve shown it to my partner and a few close friends … none of whom seem to have adequate words to describe it – HA! Photos are nice but you really gotta be IN it to truly appreciate it.

I am also already booked for my first charity event as soon as it is up and running – I’ll be doing  a show to raise money for the new Transgender Memorial in Second Life.

But there is still a LOT to do – so I better get back to work.

Until next time …