5 Inches Higher

drafting stool.JPG

My new drafting stool arrived last night! Wow!! It is so damn comfortable! The added 5″ in height compared to my desk chair  makes so much difference in my drawing table posture and lower back strain. It was rather inexpensive ($35.00 on Amazon) and yet is well made and very sturdy, easy to assemble too. I am so very happy with this!

Another cool addition is this gorgeous wooden pencil box –

pencil box.JPG

Also very affordable ($11.00 on Amazon) It is very well made with tongue and groove corners and sturdy metal clasps. I just love it!

So there’s a couple cool things to share with you this morning. It’s pouring down rain here so I plan to just stay cozy and dry with the cats at home today. I strained a few muscles yesterday trying to get a lot of heavy duty housework done – so I’m going to take it easy today. I have one engagement online at noon – the opening of a a new virtual  art gallery –

Extempore Opening Flyer.png

But besides that I’m just going to just curl up and read a book – I’m currently reading this book –


Having stumbled onto this topic in a Podcast interview a few days ago I was fascinated, vindicated and validated by what I learned. So much of my life I’ve been put-down and teased for being “too sensitive” and I really had no idea there was something more to it or that there were others who shared similar experiences. But times are changing and more of these things (like Mirror Neurons) are being discovered and explored by science and talked about openly.

It’s a great day to be alive!

Until next time …