Studio Make-Over

Since I was pain-free yesterday, for the first time in many months, I decided to do a top to bottom studio cleaning and make-over. I got rid of one work table and moved a bunch of tools and currently unneeded creative supplies (printing press, etching, engraving, airbrushing and carving)  down to the workshop in the garage.  The space feels so different now! Open and clear.

I removed the clumsy tripod I had been using for the drawing table camera and re-engineered the armature to attach to a rolling wire rack. Killing 2 birds with one stone – I now have tons of storage for drawing tools AND a moveable camera rig!

I am super happy with how this all turned out!

As I was cleaning and sorting yesterday I began seeing that these first 3 years in the studio have really been all about art exploration, experimentation and education.  I think, in a very unconscious way, I have been putting myself through the art school I never got to attend when I was young.  When I realize that – it makes me smile big!





MM Skull in studio.jpg

Until next time …